Transcript of HS381 “Della Scherma”

A transcript of manuscript HS381, written by prince Gundaker of Liechtenstein in 1614.

The text strongly resembles Salvator Fabris’ writings and his fencing style.  Some paragraphs are verbatim copies of Fabris’ text. Page and figure references also match up with Fabris’ 1606 edition of “De Lo Schermo”. This text is very interesting, because it gives us a new view on already known sources.

Title: Della Scherma
Reference: n/a
Date: 2016
Language: Italian
Author:  Julian Schrattenecker, Florian Fortner
Size: 36 pages, 0,5MB

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Msc. Dresd. C13, Johann Georg Paschen “Eigentliche Beschreibung des Stossfechtens in einfachen Rappir”

A transcript of a manuscript on Italian fencing, written in 1671 by Johann Georg Paschen (Pascha). The fencing style is closely related to Salvator Fabris’ style but offers even more text on fencing theory, 428 fencing lections and a very detailed description of the rules for proceeding with resolution. The original manuscript can be found at the SLUB Dresden website.

Title: Eigentliche Beschreibung des Stossfechtens in einfachen Rappir
Reference: Msc. Dresd. C13, Sächsische Landesbibliothek
Date: 1671
Language: German
Author:  Johann Georg Paschen (Pascha)
Size: 193 pages, 1.1MB

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